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So, what is Functional
Sofa In A Box?

You’ve heard of a mattress in a box and a stationary sofa in a box, but what about a 3 function sleeper sofa with a built-in storage unit in a box? Our’s Functional Sofa In A Box was created with every unique lifestyle in mind. It’s an innovative product for those who demand Fashion + Function as well as easy delivery and effortless set-up!

It It’s time to say goodbye to complicated shipping, impossible to maneuver oversized frames, trouble fitting your sofa through stairways or doorways, and complex time-consuming assembly. This compact and virtually effortless to assemble sleeper and storage sofa comes in the perfect size for your house, apartment, cabin, guest house, RV, houseboat, dormitory or any other space you can think of to nestle it into.

Chair And A Half
Sit + Lounge + Sleep

Never Run Out Of Room

Enjoy comfort and style in its most compact and convenient form with Chair and A Half. This modern oversized chair is the perfect size for one person to spread out or two people to cozy up in. This unconventional piece is complete with a boxy silhouette that sits atop dark tapered wooden legs and is upholstered in a creamy contrasting fabric with button tufted cushions and sides. Its chic design elements will adapt flawlessly to any design scheme while demanding just the right amount of attention in every room. In addition to setting trends on the outside, Chair and A Half is hiding one satisfying secret beneath its velvety soft cushions.

Chair In A Box
2 in 1,  Chair + Storage

Chair In A Box
2 in 1,  Chair + Storage

A Box Full of Potential

Meet your new favorite seat, delivered in your favorite fashion – effortlessly. Chair in A Box is so much more than its namesake suggests. Your compact companion ships directly to your doorstep in a perfectly packaged box that makes good sense and makes life simpler. This space-savvy chair is packed full of potential uses and is a fitting match for anyone who loves making the most out of things. Crafted to fit in wherever it goes, this chair features a modern design with mid-century elements available in four swoon-worthy color options.

Bed In A Box
Upholstered Headboard and Foundation

lt’s Better When lt’s Boxed

A true sanctuary delivered right to your doorstep. Bed in A Box was created to bring a sense of breezy luxury to your morning, nighttime, and nap time routines. This headboard and foundation dream team is shipped in a neat, manageable box that slips effortlessly through virtually any door frame.

Crafted to bring you both serious style and calming comfort, this bed features a chic design with plush performance upholstery from top to bottom. The matching set is a dreamy fit for the master suite or guest bedroom, upholstered in your choice of four trend-forecasted hues and available in multiple leg color options for a truly custom feel.

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Наша основна ціль — надавати універсальні, модні та надійні продукти, які зроблять ваш будинок більш стильним і додадуть зручності у ваше повсякденне життя. Ми віримо в те, що ви маєте все, що ви хочете, і спонукає нас думати нестандартно, щоб представити вам широкий каталог продуктів, які можуть похвалитися інноваційною функціональністю, модним дизайном і гарантованою якістю. Завдяки десятиліттям досвіду в меблевій галузі, кваліфікованій майстерності та сучасному обладнанню, Bellona високо цінується як бренд, який підносить будинок і покращує спосіб життя.